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A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical device that uses hydraulics to pressure. These cylinders are used in multiple industrial applications, including hydraulic pumps. They can be employed as actuators or lifting tools. Read More…

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinders are bidirectional linear actuation devices that convert the hydraulic energy of pressurized fluids into useful mechanical energy.

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A double-acting hydraulic cylinder controls pressure using two chambers. Each chamber is filled with pressurized fluid by control valves on each end of the device. As a result, the cylinder can be operated in one of two ways: either by pushing or drawing the lever in the same direction (which mimics the first action of a basic hydraulic cylinder) or by doing the opposite (resembling the second action of a simple hydraulic cylinder).

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

The cylinder maintains pressure in one of the chambers in the event of a hydraulic failure until the oil supply is restored. This will prevent damage or injuries. Two types of double-acting cylinders exist; the first is a one-sided piston rod double-acting cylinder.

Double-Acting Cylinder with a Piston on Both Sides

The second is a double-acting cylinder with a piston rod on both sides.

Double-Acting Cylinder with a Piston on Both Sides

Double-acting Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Industrial processes that need a rapid force frequently use double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

The more powerful the car, the more force is needed for the driver to be able to steer it. Double-acting cylinders are employed for power steering. This kind of cylinder is frequently seen in heavy-duty devices like cranes, forklifts, lifts, and other industrial machinery. Hydraulic systems that raise and lower items like landing gear, door hinges, etc., require double-acting cylinders. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder is frequently used to open or close a type of "flap" on an airplane wing.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Working Principle

One chamber of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil, while the other is empty. Oil is forced into the empty chamber as the piston rod is withdrawn into the cylinder, creating pressure. The cylinder extends as a result of this pressure pushing the piston rod out. However, when the piston rod is shoved into the cylinder, oil is forced into the chamber already filled with oil, resulting in a vacuum. The piston rod retracts as a result of the vacuum pulling it into the cylinder. This action is undone when the force is released (when the rod is let go). The double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide the force required to push or pull something.

Double-Acting Cylinder Working Principle

Different Types of Double Action Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders with double action carry out two different types of tasks, such as:

  • Differential types.
  • Synchronous types

Differential Hydraulic Cylinders

The most popular type of hydraulic cylinder is the differential type. There are two pistons in it, one attached to the rod and the other to the body. The rod stretches as the input force rises. The second piston is locked into the cylinder at the same moment, keeping the body still. The output force rises as a result. The rod retracts when the input force lessens. The second piston is locked into the cylinder simultaneously, keeping the body still. The output force decreases as a result. As long as the input and output force are equal, the body will always stay in its starting position. However, depending on which of the two forces is greater, the rod will travel upward or downward. Therefore, a hydraulic cylinder of the differential kind is very helpful. For instance, a rod attached to the cylinder's body should be used to hoist a heavy box. The fact that the force of the rod is always greater than the weight of the thing being lifted is crucial to keep in mind as a safety precaution.

Synchronous Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinders of the synchronous type operate on a different theory. An electrical signal is given to a valve, allowing oil to enter the cylinder and keep the piston moving up and down instead of oil pressure. When the signal is cut off, the piston comes to a stop, and the oil stops pouring into the cylinder. As a result, the cylinder uses power quite effectively. Hydraulic cylinders of the synchronous kind have just one piston. No matter how much hydraulic fluid is present in the cylinder, this piston will expand and compress simultaneously. This makes this kind of cylinder extremely effective but less potent than the other kind. Typically, this hydraulic cylinder is utilized in vehicles, farm machinery, and industrial machinery.

Benefits Of Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

When looking for a double-acting hydraulic cylinder supplier, this cylinder is a great option due to its many benefits.

  • Vast array of applications in various possible sectors
  • Accurate and clear stroke measures
  • Accuracy in repetition
  • Gradual accelerating speed
  • Dependable and tough
  • Less use of hydraulic fluid
  • Saves energy since the piston returns to its starting position

Since these are the hydraulic cylinders most frequently used in industries, a local provider of double-acting hydraulic cylinders likely has a good supply on hand.

Selecting the Correct Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Supplier

To ensure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing double-acting hydraulic cylinders from a double-acting hydraulic cylinder supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of double-acting hydraulic cylinder suppliers. Each double-acting hydraulic cylinder supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each double-acting hydraulic cylinder business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple double-acting hydraulic cylinder companies with the same form.

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